• You will stand out in the crowd amongst your competitors. Not only because you are making videos, but you are making them better, quicker and easier - guaranteed.

  • You will convince fence-sitters to engage with your product or service (that means more $ coming in).

  • You will increase online conversions, awareness and shareability. Video is the queue-jumper for brand awareness in online marketing. Hey, it beats tonnes of waffley copy, right?


Our satisfied clients


How we help you

Video Case Studies & Testimonials

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Show the world your successful projects with video case studies. Let's create slick videos to show your customers how you operate.

Animated Sales & Explainer Videos

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Need to explain your products to your customers? Use explainer videos as your 24/7 online salesman.

IT Product Walkthroughs

Software products need some explanation too. Let's create IT product walkthroughs to show customers how it works.


What they say

"The team at Video Spartan made a great explainer video for our educational cash flow management program. They worked with us through a collaborative process to fine tune the script and storyboard, produced eye-catching visuals that matched our product really well. They were able to synthesise complex information from the briefs we provided to produce an engaging and easy-to-watch video. Pete and the team were responsive, flexible and speedy in their production and handled any speedbumps easily. It was a great process working with them and we'd love to work with Video Spartan again!"

- Ching Tan - Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting

“We asked Video Spartan to create a video promoting Mint Content’s copywriting services. Pete and his team handled everything from scripting and voiceover to animations that match our brand’s look and feel. The process was fast, seamless and totally hassle free. If you want videos that make prospective customers pay attention, you need Video Spartan!”

- Amy Birchall - Founder & Lead Content Writer, Mint Content