Our mission, to produce the best videos and make the complex simple and win you business.  

The backbone of your organisation should be quality content and video is the most powerful and engaging way to show off your best assets.

We produce high quality animated and live action videos for IT & Business Services firms, Not-For-Profit, Government and SME.

We are a boutique production suite, so our attention to client satisfaction is our top priority. 

We are based in Canberra, Australia – working with clients locally and all over the world.

We used to have a more complicated logo, but that wasn't very spartan of us...

We used to have a more complicated logo, but that wasn't very spartan of us...

Pete and the team were responsive, flexible and speedy in their production and handled any speedbumps easily. It was great process working with them and we’d love to work with Video Spartan again!”
— Ching Tan - Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting

Why firms choose us

"Video is easy, not hard." 

You should be aware of the importance of online video, and how important it is to growing your business. 

The problem is that there is a stigma around video. It often falls into the 'too-hard-basket'. But not with us. 

Every organisation has complex concepts and products that need explaining. Video Spartan fights against over-complicating complex concepts, whilst still conveying your key message properly. 

It's an art form, and we've done it a lot - to a very high standard.


The Spartan Philosophy

Pete McPhillips started Video Spartan in 2014 whilst working in the Australian Government. His role in media liaison involved procuring external creative firms to produce corporate photography and video.

He noticed a growing need for high-quality, no-fuss video production in the government sector. As time went on, he expanded his services to help not-for-profit organisations as well as IT and business services firms. 

From day one, Pete operated the business with a 'spartan philosophy'. This is derived from the ancient Greek civilisation of the same name. The Spartans were renowned as fierce warriors and tacticians, but at the core of their culture was simplicity and efficiency.

Video Spartan applies this philosophy into how they produce videos. 

We love hearing from you, and especially love getting coffee, so get in touch!