Why You Need A Proof-of-Concept Video For Your IT Product


'IT product' is a broad term that encompasses Software as a Service (SaaS), iOS/Android apps, basically anything that needs a walkthrough to explain it. 
This post will show you how and why a video can be really valuable, even if you haven't built your product yet. 

You want to sell your IT product. Sure - you might have altruistic goals to make the next 'Uber of...' but at the end of the day, you've made the product to stack some cash. Nothing wrong with that - here's how a video can really supercharge your sales and get you on top of your competitors.

Focus on benefits of your IT product to sell it before it's made

Seems simple, doesn't it. But so often, purveyors of IT products forget this fundamental when selling their products.
Why does anyone care about your product?
'Well it's compression rate is optimised and latency is...' - WRONG. Boring. That's a feature, not a benefit. (Yes - I have been watching a lot of 'Silicon Valley' lately.)
'<Your product> helps <your customer persona> <achieve their goal/solve their problem> by <doing something cool>'. Boom - much better.

It's a difference that businesspeople of all types forget to focus on, usually because their ego is too attached to whatever their product is. 

We get it - you've worked hard on it, it has cool features under the hood. But both you and I are going to buy something that has clear benefits for me, rather than knowing what's behind the curtain.

"But what if it hasn't even been built yet?"

That doesn't matter! The beauty of IT products is that you can illustrate key benefits without having to show exactly how it works just yet. But at the same time, you still need people on board to be potential buyers.

And that's where a video explaining its benefits is an extremely powerful tool, before even a line of code has been written. 

Here's a proof-of-concept video we made a while ago for an app that helps punters get involved in local sporting activities. 


You can show functionality without actually showing the screen. The product should be a collection of logical functions already, that should be able to be explained visually - so explain it, and sell it.

Simplify the complex to make it appealing to your customer base

Some IT products are simple (Uber, Airbnb etc) and some require more specialised knowledge (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro). Both types of products can use video as a vehicle to explain it before it has been built.

We made a video for an e-learning software product, that was specifically designed for HR departments in government. Quite specialised, with a specific purpose for a specific audience:


Guess what - this hadn't even been built yet. 

The screen recordings were wireframes that our skilled animators overlaid onto an iPad screen template animation. Let me be clear - this product didn't even exist or work properly yet. But the client was able to show this video to the people they wanted to sell it to, and ended up selling it. 

How cool is that?

You can do this too - it's a really great way to not only sell your product ahead of time, but get you to iron out any potential kinks in the product itself going forward. 

Putting 'cart-before-horse' for your IT product (by making a proof of concept video) is a great idea. You can leverage your ideas and visualise your product to sell it before it has been made. Whatever your product is, it should have benefits that can be visualised and explained clearly. Any complexities can also be explained to make it an appealing, beast of a product, ready to fly off the shelves. 

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