3 reasons why a Strategy Session will save your next online video

This post will explain why having a deep-dive strategy session at the beginning of the video production cycle will make your video superior to your competitors' effort.

Over the years of producing video, one thing we have found that guarantees an excellent final video product is a comprehensive Strategy Session beforehand.

Here we work out what you actually want to achieve with the video and above else, distinguish your company's brand from your competitors. 

No more cookie-cutter approach

We're not the only video production company out there. Especially in the animated explainer video space, there are lots of competition all delivering similar products...on paper.

One thing we like to make clear in the Strategy Session is that our video will be bespoke, unique to your brand and way better than the videos you see out there. 

A reason you will find quite affordable animated videos is because they are literally copies of other videos. From the look, script, music - you name it. A lot of firms adopt a 'insert-name-here and boom, done' approach. 

Not us.

The Strategy Session will derive what is truly required from the video. That means we will ask questions like 

"Are there certain fears and frustrations that we need to alleviate? Or is this a more goal-oriented video?"

(e.g. x amount of leads generated from the call-to-action). 

Whatever is front-of-mind for your business, our mission is to help you solve it through video. 

A common problem is lead generation and retention, which we can help you out by starting out with writing an awesome script. But sometimes, it's not clear what the problem is, or which problem to tackle first...

Discover problem, solve problem

We have encountered clients that know they want video (great choice) but they're not sure what for.

We can actually help with that in the strategy session. We have a list of questions and potential marketing strategies that can come out of the answers.

Sometimes a business will have more than one concurrent problem, so we get to the core of what the most important problem is, and how video(s) will actually help solve it. 

We won't sell you anything you don't want or need - but like I said, if you have approached us knowing you lack a solid video arsenal, we will definitely be able to help you out!

We also have a bevy of partners across several digital marketing paradigms including written content, website design and graphic design - so if your problem is multifaceted, stress less. 

Authenticity in final product

There's nothing worse than looking at a video online and not being able to know if a company is 'on the level' or not. 

That's what usually happens with our first point - the video being a cookie cutter, slapdash copy of someone else. You loose authenticity and ultimately prospective leads by doing skipping over the in-depth strategy session at the start. 

Once we have worked out what the problem you'd like to solve is, we then discover what makes you, you. 

We know visual and content branding and marketing techniques that will resonate with your ideal customers. 

This ranges from the differences between using male and female voiceovers, to length of video, to what will work best with your logo and typeface etc. 

We go deep! Ultimately because we want the video to be a great, sharable asset for you for a long time. We want to make it as 'you' as possible, while also appealing to your customer base and making it the creme-de-la-creme of online videos. 

We take our video production process seriously, right from the very start. A comprehensive Strategy Session will put your mind at ease and ensure your video will be a top-of-the-line, authentic shareable digital asset.

There we have it, folks - our Strategy Sessions are likely the key to your next video being the best online investment you've ever made.

Until next time,


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