3 Obvious Reasons Why You Need Video On Your Website or Social Media Page

This post will show you why you need video on your website or Facebook/LinkedIn page. You probably already know that it's super important, but why?

Why video?

In the next three seconds, I want you to think of the three biggest (most influential) social media platforms in 2016. GO. Here’s mine:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram

(honourable mention to Snapchat - it could go anywhere on that list)

What do these three platforms have in common?


Of course, we all know YouTube is the ‘grandfather’ of online video – 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day.

If all uploads stopped right now, it would still take several thousand years to view every single YouTube video.

Facebook and Instagram (now both owned by Mr Zuckerberg) have pivoted and incorporated video into their platforms, why? To compete with YouTube. Instagram recently extended the previous 15 second time limit to 30 seconds and now to up to 1 minute. The race is on.

This post will describe to you the most important reasons why you should have it on your website, or front and centre on your Facebook page.

"300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day"

Video is vital

Forget text, video is vital. Obviously text is important - people still do need to read whatever you’re spruiking (like this blog post, for example). But if you don’t have a video, visitors to your site will click away at the drop of a hat.

Video engages the audience, before they have even clicked on it. And when they do click on it (they’re very likely to) – you need to capture their attention within about two seconds, otherwise it’s all over.

If you’re old school – you can still use text in video (also known as the very fancy ‘kinetic typography’ such as this video which we produced for a not-for-profit in 2015).

Having active text is actually a pretty powerful engagement tool, rather than relying on people to scroll through lines upon lines of copy.

People relate to story (video educates)

Implicit in any video (even feature films), is getting the viewer from point A to point B. Point A – they don’t know what you’re doing (before they watch the video) – Point B they now know exactly what you’re about, and hopefully want in to whatever it is you’re doing (after watching the video).

Telling a ‘story’ is key to this progression. Any video that doesn’t have a coherent narrative structure is doomed to fail, and worse – alienate. A good video should engage and educate, because that’s what people want and need. Anyone will tell you - story is king.

But be stealthy about it. It may be in your best interest to educate the viewer, without them knowing they’re being educated. There’s an art to that, and I personally think we at Video Spartan do that pretty damn well! ;-)

Be a pro – use video

Above all, no one wants a ‘mom and pop’ outfit when they’re entrusting cash and time into your product or service.

They want a professional. If they wanted an amateur, they would do it themselves or go to Craigslist/Gumtree. But no – they didn’t, they came to you. So you owe them something in return. Professionalism.

Video automatically makes you a professional, keeping in mind the principles mentioned above. It doesn’t make you look like one, you just are one with video.

In my experience, making videos has taught me a lot about running a professional business.

Engaging with clients, satisfying goals and desires, solving problems – they have all been attributes I have strived to improve upon in the macro, birdseye view of my business. The process of making a video actually makes me improve upon all of those things too.

That’s it – it’s pretty simple! If you want to learn more, about this post or any of our videos, be sure to get in touch. I love talking to new people about this stuff.

Yours in video professionalism,