Why We Sell Videos

This post will tell you why we sell videos and why we think they're one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

I used to have a 'real job'. I turned up to work every day, 9-5 (usually) with a half hour lunch break (usually longer) and then come home exhausted. I knew nothing about business or marketing or brand awareness or anything. But one day, I got sick of the 'grind' and I went all-in.

I just needed a business idea.

"I need to build the next Facebook. Go." <- this was pretty much my stupid mentality. I got that out of my system pretty quickly when I realised that literally millions of people are out there trying, and failing to build the next Facebook.

Why are they failing? Because Facebook already exists. And it's dominating.

So when you start out in business, my advice is this - choose something that is already working and selling in the market. Whatever market that might be. Sounds counterintuitive, which it is - but hear me out.

Enter, Selling Videos

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that video is a huge draw online at the moment.

Businesses are gravitating towards using both live action and animated videos for their marketing, branding and more. So when I decided to go into business for myself, I picked videos. Not only because I have some knowledge about that medium, being a student of film and blah blah blah, but because it's selling.

Now, a lot of people say "ah there's too much competition out there, I can't get a foot in the door to sell that". Wrong. 

One of the first things I learned on this journey is that competition is good. It means the idea is already validated. All you have to do then is build your brand and be better than your competition. Of course, the journey is a little more nuanced than that. You will mess up, you will lose momentum, you might even fail. But keep going until it works, or until you find a more profitable pathway.

Facebook wasn't just spawned in a vacuum. Anyone remember MySpace? Friendster? Zuckerberg didn't just pull Facebook out of thin air. It started as the 'white-background MySpace of college campuses' in the USA. Now look at it - it's worth something like $400 billion with a 'B'.

Videos Can Be Whatever You Want Them To Be

We help our clients realise the best way forward for them in their video content. For some, it's a product walkthrough. For others, maybe a talking head interview style video or a case study. In any case, they explain something. The video content ought to teach something to your audience. Teach them about your awesome product, or just teach them about you. But make it look good and be effective! That's where we come in.

Video is super effective for your brand. This past month, I participated in the very noble Movember cause. I raised over $700 for research into men's health issues - which exceeded my expectations. What I did to get to this milestone, however, was upload a weekly 'progress VLOG' to YouTube. I would thank people on camera, mention my progress etc.

This was super effective in differentiating me from the 7 other guys in my circle who were raising money. Now, the end game is money to a good cause so it's not about the competition - but it goes to show how video can be effective in building your brand capital.

So Why Do I Think Know I Can Offer You The Best Value and User Experience?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been at this for some years now. At the time this blog post was written. On approximately 600 occasions, I have wanted to throw in the towel. But I didn't. Why? Because I believe in myself and my ability to create a superior product with a superior customer experience. I am 'all in' on making the best videos and having the best communication your money can buy.

A lot of explainer video sites use the 'cookie cutter' approach and churn out video after video that might not even suit the 'feel' of the brand they are servicing. Not us. Each and every video that is produced here is overseen by me personally, before being released. It could come across as 'micromanage-y' but I don't really care. I want only the best products released to my clients, to ensure their success.

How Do You Benefit From A Video?

Like a post I wrote a little while ago for our good friends Mint Content, you need a mixture of both targeted written copy, and video in order to 'get the edge' (as Tony Robbins would put it). You put yourself out there - front and centre on your website/landing page or Facebook campaign and strut your stuff. So there's no longer any ambiguity in their mind. A video will answer the question everyone asks when they land on your page, "who are these people?".

If you can answer that question for them, front and centre, 24/7, that's very powerful for your brand.

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