Client: City Of Parramatta

Service: Animated Video Detailing 'Parramatta 2021' Vision

Stakeholders: Residents and Industry Professionals in Parramatta and surrounds



Located 25km west of Sydney CBD, Parramatta is burgeoning as a residential, commercial and cultural hub. Many Sydneysiders commute from the west into the city. However, trends show that Parramatta's economic growth is on track to spike over the next 5-10 years.

In early 2016, the City of Parramatta (the City) engaged a professional services firm to prepare a report on what Parramatta’s economy will look like in 2021. The firm detailed the impact of numerous urban development projects. Of particular significance were

  • The introduction of Light Rail,
  • Rejuvenation of Parramatta Square,
  • The Powerhouse Museum,
  • Western Sydney University Campus,
  • A new Parramatta Stadium as well as other significant infrastructure developments in Parramatta & Western Sydney.

The firm connected the City with Video Spartan to produce an engaging animated video for eventual syndication on The Daily Telegraph website, accompanying a written article.

The video was to mirror the executive summary report compiled by the firm, but also to synthesise the information into a palatable offering for a wide range of stakeholders.


As the only creative agency assigned to this project, our first task was to examine the key factors that the City wanted to showcase. It was imperative to obtain relevant information from the City in order to construct a coherent and engaging script/storyboard.

Video Spartan undertook the scriptwriting process ahead of time - in order to reduce the risk of delays later in the project.

Upon obtaining the key tenets to cover from the City, we developed a more targeted and accurate three minute video script within 48 hours. This was signed off by the City within a few days, and we were given the go-ahead to start production on the rest of the video.

Solving Problems

Ordinarily, we tackle video projects one milestone at at time (i.e. Script/Storyboard phase followed by Voiceover phase etc). This aids the both the client and staff of Video Spartan to produce a high quality, un-rushed product. However, due to the time constraints, we had to tackle several milestones simultaneously.

This increases risk can delay delivery, due to any inconsistencies that may arise between the different creative areas.

Ultimately, we were able to produce a high quality video in two weeks. Minor cosmetic changes were implemented from the City, with consultation from the professional services firm.


Video Spartan were able to deliver a superior user experience and product, within a short timeframe. The City of Parramatta were very pleased with the video.

The final product is a contemporary, fast-paced video - aligned with the theme of the city's growth over the next five years.