Client: Australian Network on Disability

Service: Animated Video ‘Disability In Motion’

Stakeholders: Business Owners/Employers in Australia


The Australian Network on Disability (AND) (insert link) are a not-for-profit organisation that aims to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business.

The AND vision is to “create a disability confident Australia” with a mission to “provide expert advice and services on disability to employers, Government representatives and industry bodies.”


AND engaged Video Spartan to produce an animated video and accompanying infographic to describe relevant statistics concerning disability in Australia.

The video was to act as an engaging source of information for relevant stakeholders, as well as prompt business owners to think about accessibility in their business.

AND provided all relevant statistics, style guides and logos from the start of the project, allowing us to nail down the graphic design phase very quickly.

AND were very forthcoming with their stylistic preferences – opting for a male voiceover. Following this, we commenced the animation and post production phase. There were several drafts made of the video, allowing for necessary stylistic changes. The completed video was produced in approximately 7 weeks.

Solving Problems

One of the main challenges we faced was understanding and implementing accessibility standards into the video itself. The video needed to be inclusive of all stakeholders watching it. AND educated us on several aesthetic and functional aspects that had to be met.

They informed us of correct colour contrasts, font styles and sizes, animation movements and timing. The AND staff were very helpful in providing clear direction and feedback throughout the drafting phase.

These standards were also used in the production of a static infographic. On this project, we implemented the branding colours and typefaces used by AND to create an engaging and informative piece.


The video was a challenging but welcome project for us to make. The challenges were mainly due to the accessibility requirements. Once these were understood and implemented, the project’s milestones were met smoothly. Thanks to the communication, education and professionalism from AND, the result was a highly successful and popular video. The infographic was also an attractive accompanying document for the video.