Client: PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting & the Australian Government

Service: Animated Video Detailing 'the Cashflow Canvas'

Stakeholders: Employers and payroll officers in small businesses



PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting (PIC) were commissioned by the Australian Government to develop a cashflow management program to help small businesses.

The aim of the program was to educate business owners on the complexities and logistics of running a business, in the context of cashflow management. The program was to provide specific tools for the relevant stakeholders to use.

PIC developed a paper-based ‘Cashflow Canvas’ for business owners and business/financial advisors to help manage this important managerial aspect. The Canvas was a small part of the program designed to assist relevant stakeholders

The Canvas is a flexible tool that allows the user to review cashflow from a previous expense period, to forecast and plan, and also track current cashflow. The flexibility also allows a one-to-one and a one-to-many scenario, depending on which stakeholder is using the program.


PIC engaged Video Spartan to produce a video to briefly explain the Cashflow Management Program as a whole, but place more emphasis on the Cashflow Canvas aspect of the program.

PIC provided several relevant documents upon engagement, allowing us to get started on a 3-minute video script.

PIC assisted us in clarifying technical details of the program, and this allowed us to explain them simply.

We recorded a professional female voiceover. Following this, we commenced the animation and post production phase. The completed video was produced in approximately 4 weeks.

Solving Problems

One of the main challenges we faced was understanding some of the technical aspects of the program. There were certain areas that needed to be fleshed out to us, in order to capture the essence of the video. PIC staff were more than happy to assist us throughout the script writing phase in explaining these problems.

In the animation phase, we were able to construct a clear and engaging environment for PIC. They requested some changes, mostly to the paper-based Cashflow Canvas phase. With their guidance, we were able to animate the document without compromising any quality, or confusing the viewer.  

All the problems we faced in the production of the video were quickly solved through the professionalism and communication skills of the PIC team.


The finished product is a technical, but appealing video. It is directed at the business owner, as well as advisor stakeholder.

In June 2017, PIC was awarded a 'Good Design Award' for the Program, and attributed the work Video Spartan did to winning the award. The video enabled them to explain the service clearly and effectively to relevant stakeholders.