Your software product is great. You and your team has worked hard on it, done sprint-after-sprint, scrum-after-scrum. It's done!

But what's next?

You need to sell it - this is where we come in.

It isn't as difficult to show your software product off and marketing managers often place video in the 'too-hard-basket'. 

Video Spartan takes video out of the 'too-hard-basket' and places it into the 'too-easy-basket'.

Example of an IT software product walkthrough

This video is the 'burger with the lot' of IT product walkthroughs. Its key features include:

  • Voiceover guide
  • Stock footage
  • Live screen captures of environment
  • Supplementary animation

These types of videos are extremely effective at showing the bells and whistles of your product. It's a powerful thing to show your customer base what it will actually look like when they use it.