People are often scared off from making videos because it seems like a long and complex process. Wrong.

Here is how we make high quality videos, quickly and easily.

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Engagement and Planning

We will send through a questionnaire to fill in, as well as analyse your existing online content.

We will then begin work on what we think the right style and tone would be, and talk through our ideas face-to-face or on a quick Skype call. 

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Script Development

Following our discussion, our professional copywriters get to work on developing a unique and powerful script and scene list for your video. Our copywriters use the Spartan Copywriting Method which is specifically designed to utilise proven emotional and persuasive triggers, based on human psychology. 

This stage is the cornerstone to any video, so we communicate with you to ensure we are getting it right. 

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Storyboard and Sketches

Once the script and scene list are locked in, we provide you with hand-drawn, custom sketches of scenes, so you can see what your video will look like. Feel free to give us any feedback and ideas - we want to make it as 'you' as we can.



Once we are locked in with our script and sketches, we get a professional voiceover to read it out aloud. You can choose male, female and any accent that is relevant to your video.

Our voiceover artists are independent contractors, and we can provide you with a reel of their work - just so you know what it will sound like before we get going.

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Animation and Post-production

Where it all comes together. We combine all of our elements into a first draft video, including background music and sound effects.

You will see all the elements come to life before your eyes. If there's anything you don't like or want changed, just let us know - we are happy to accommodate up to 2 revision rounds free of charge.


Delivery and Launch

All finished! We will provide the video to you via Google Drive in full HD. Our clients often like a hardcoded subtitled version as well, so we will provide that to you too. 

The video is now yours to publish and share endlessly.

If there are any issues, our door is always open - we love continuing to help our clients.